MFA 6 Q/Lk/Bw

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MFA 6 Q/Lk/Bw

The MFA 6 Q / Lw / Bw has a longitudinal and a cross sanding unit for optimal sanding patterns in one work step. With a brush diameter of 120 mm and a feed rate of 5 - 15 m / min, it offers solid equipment to carry out productive grinding work of the highest quality.

Manufacturer: Heesemann

Year of construction: 2000

View of the conveyor belt and the frequency converter feed
The additional infeed table for exact positioning of the sanding plates

Technical specifications

Type MFA 6 Q/Lk/Bw
Assembly Cross/lengthways (calibration roller)/brush
Grinding width mm 1350
Number of sanding belts 2
Tape support left
Sanding belt dimension Q/4800 x 150 mm L/2150 x 1400 mm
Sanding belt speed Q/10 + 20 m/s L/-0,5–10 + 18 m/s
Division of the keying mm 32
Variable feed m / min 5-15 m/min
The hinge contact side can be easily reached through a wide service door ...
... also the drive side